Introduce a distinctive name for your new farm. Then select between the three possible Profiles:

  • LSLB-HTTP :  Local Service Load Balancer. This profile is able to manage traffic as a Reverse Proxy, analyzing HTTP protocol data, like HTTP Headers, Cookies, SSL traffic and more. 
  • LSLB-L4xNAT : This profile is able to manage traffic as a Router, analyzing connection data like IPs and Ports, it manages traffic TCP, UDP and FTP, TFTP or SIP.
  • GSLB  : Global Service Load Balancer allows to create a load balancing service based on the DNS service hierarchical architecture.

Then introduce the desired Virtual Port in wich your new farm will operates.

To finish click on the "CREATE" button. After a short period of time a table containing your farms will appear and you will be able to configure it in detail.