The required fields to create a new blacklist are:

  •  Name. Blacklist ID.
  •  Type. Whether the list is obtained from a Local or Remote location.
  •  Policy. Deny or Allow. Deny for strictly blacklists and Allow for whitelists.
  •  Url. Only if the type selected is Remote this field will be shown in order to set the URL of the remote blacklist that will be automatically downloaded and updated every a certain basis.

Once the required data is set, click on the Create button to generate the new blacklist.


The global settings for a Remote Blacklist include new fields that are described below.

  • Virtual LB. The Virtual Load Balancer that runs the Farm to which you would like to apply this Blacklist
  • Name. Custom identificable name of your list
  • Policy. Deny or Accept the IP in your list
  • URL. Link to the remote list. It needs to be a plain text list of IP or subnets with one IP or subnet per line.